For decades, communication technologies have been perfected. After understanding the importance of our senses on our subconscious mind, communication professionals have developed new techniques in order to increase the efficiency of their strategies. This is how sound appeared in stores, hotels, theme parks, fashion shows, etc. Next came the special effects that cause a real impact in our subconscious.

Today, the trend is in olfactory marketing. Indeed, studies have shown that smell is the sense which has the biggest effect on mood, memory, and behavior. It is thus not surprising that olfactory marketing has become a major new issue for everyone.

This is why we have developed high-tech aroma diffusion solutions. They have many uses, and we can meet all your needs.


    The use of essential oils provides cleaner air to create healthy spaces conducive to well-being.


    An odor is more quickly memorized than a logo. Stand out by adding smells to your brand.


    Associating odors with your scene will greatly enhance the immersion of your visitors.

Associating odors with your scene will greatly enhance the immersion of your visitors.
You have different goals, depending on your business. We will support you in your strategic study: from the choice of aromas to the installation of your Aroma Design diffuser in your premises. Here are a few examples of possible applications for olfactory marketing.

Our olfactory expertise

Smell is a delicate sense which varies from one individual to another. The current trend is, wrongly, associated with essential oils. We should keep in mind that these are potent allergens which should be used with caution, especially in any public location (toddlers, pregnant women, elderly people, etc.). Given that professional machines are intended to be used intensively, it is strongly recommended not to use essential oils, whose length of diffusion should not exceed a few minutes per day. Contrary to popular belief, the fact that essential oils are natural does not mean that they are harmless (allergies, itches, etc.) In some cases, we can of course provide you with essential oils upon request. Our perfume compositions are prepared from 99% hypoallergenic products in order to reduce the risks of allergy to a minimum. What’s more, they have been design to match your diffuser and your environment. No dirtying of the machine and no permeation of odors in your environment.

Our aroma diffusors open the field of possibilities. No matter your business, your design, or your turnover, we bring your personalized advice in your choice of olfactory diffusion.
Thanks to Aroma Design, you will be able to integrate a rarely used sense: smell. So energize, upgrade, and surprise!

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