As a sales professional, you understand the importance of service quality for clients, and you know that it is largely achieved through a store’s atmosphere. Your interior architecture is designed to best showcase your products, and your colors and decoration promote the memorization of your brand. But did you know that smell is the most power sense of the human body, and is much stronger than either sight or hearing? Imagine if you were able to create an image for your brand at all sensory levels. Imagine that you could keep the connection between your client and your brand, long after he or she had left your store. All of this is possible by using smell.

Aroma Design fragrance diffusers are perfect for your stores, because they fit all volumes. By coupling it to your ventilation system, you can deliver the fragrance of your choice, uniformly. With Aroma Design, you will not only create a pleasant environment, you will also create a good first impression, which is the most important thing when you enter a store.

Experiments conducted in a ready-to-wear store have shown that sales doubled in the women’s department when a feminine fragrance such as vanilla was broadcast.