A productive employee is first and foremost a happy employee, and work environment plays a key role in this. Clean air free of smells and bacteria is crucial for the well-being of your team. Disseminating fragrances not only helps clean the air in your office, it can also create a zen environment conducive to concentration while reducing bad stress

Our fragrances made with 100% essential oils, combined with our high performance diffusers, guarantee a permanent effect of well-being in your office.

Studies have shown that people working in a scented area are more effective and more judicious in their decision choices. These research have also shown a significant reduction in errors due to a lack of concentration when lavender and citrus fragrances were disseminated, while peppermint fragrances improved speed and precision. Nonetheless, these strong fragrances should still be used sparingly.

Studies have shown a significant 54% reduction in occupational mistakes when employees are exposed to citrus fragrances.