Today, hotels and resorts are travel destinations in their own rights and travelers are right to be selective in their choice of accommodations. They like to feel special and welcome as soon as they arrive in the lobby. Travelers quickly get used to luxury and the quality of service offered to them, and they will expect this pleasant “homey” feeling during their next stay.

As a hotel professional, you have probably already implemented a refined interior design to enhance your image; an image designed to make a positive impression in your clients’ memory. Why not appeal to the senses of the human body, which have more influence on memory? Indeed, the perception of your environment and your brand can be significantly improved through smell. With your own signature scent, you will create a powerful link with your customers that will last much longer in their memories.

Aroma Designs fragrance diffusers are perfect to deliver smells across large areas. They can be directly connected to your ventilation system, which will deliver your smell across your entire locale. Our machines ensure an even delivery up to 20,000 m².

Did you know?  The sense of smell plays a very important role in the process of memory formation. Odor receptors are directly connected to the area of the brain responsible for memory.