Stimulating the sense of smell is not a new concept for catering professionals. Bakeries and pastry shops have long used it. They have understood that smell increases the urge to eat. Who has not felt like eating a good cake when walking down a street smelling like nice warm bread? In fact, studies have proven that smell is the most powerful sense to provoke strong emotional responses and stimuli. It is thus possible to influence an impulse purchase through smell.

Some products such as frozen or canned foods are difficult to market with smell. Thanks to Aroma Design, however, you can disseminate perfumes corresponding to the product to give it an image of freshness. Hypermarkets now apply these techniques to counter the lack of good smells in modern refrigerators, with the goal always being to stimulate the palate to achieve sales.

Choose from a multitude of aromas to create a unique experience and to leave a good impression with your clients. Our large range of fragrances allows us to meet the needs of all business sectors. If desired, we can develop a custom fragrance with you.

Smell affects 75% of our daily emotions and plays a very important role in the memory construction process.