Entertainment professionals around the world (theme parks, nightclubs, casinos, etc.) are looking to further improve the immersion of visitors. This is not easy when they are constantly assailed by unpleasant smells: cigarettes, sweat, alcohol, etc. Our fragrances neutralize these smells instead of simply hiding them. Aromas do not simply neutralize smells, however: they also create an inviting and clear atmosphere that will put your clients in a calm and serene mood. Your staff will also benefit from this healthful air, which will improve their efficiency and concentration at work.

Studies have shown that people exposed to pleasant smells stay significantly longer and are more likely to have a positive of their visit.

By choosing Aroma Design, you are guaranteed a clean and tonifying air for your customers. The ability to connect our machine to your ventilation system allows smells to be delivered uniformly across very large areas.

Disseminating smells can increase customer satisfaction by 7% and can extend their visiting time by 54%.