Today, gyms and spas have become more than simply places to train. For many members, they have become true lifestyle fixtures which combine friendship and well-being. Previously, these places were differentiated by their equipment, their welcoming staff, and their sophisticated programs. Today, small can make you an industry leader.

Smell creates an atmosphere for each environment, whether it is designed for relaxation, rejuvenation, or inspiration. Any environment can be transformed through smell. The use of fragrances will have a beneficial effect not only on your clients, but also on your staff.They also help to create a healthy environment conducive to sporting activities or relaxation. By combining a smell with your brand, you will greatly strengthen its marketing impact.

With Aroma Design and its professional aroma diffusers, you will be able to deliver very small fragrant particles homogeneously throughout your space. These fine particles will neutralize bacteria and bad smells to create an environment that is both pleasant and healthy. We will support your in setting up your diffusion system and choice of fragrances.

Science has shown that certain fragrances destroy bacteria and viruses.